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Ben & Sophie: Woby's Secret

Two kids, a robot, and a missing professor... join in on this mysteriously funny audio adventure!


Episode 1

Published on:

5th Apr, 2020

Episode 2

Published on:

25th May, 2020

Episode 3

Published on:

22nd Jul, 2020

Episode 4

Published on:

11th Oct, 2020

Episode 5

Published on:

13th Dec, 2020

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About the Podcast

Ben and Sophie: Woby's Secret
Fiction Podcast for Kids
Two kids, a robot, and a missing professor... join in on this mysteriously funny audio adventure!

"Ben and Sophie - Woby's Secret" is the story of two friends, skilled at investigating all the secrets their world holds. In season 1, they stumble upon Woby, a very philosophical robot, while walking Max, their dog, in the forest. Finding Woby turns the lamest, most boring summer vacation ever into an exciting adventure: Where does Woby come from? And why was he abandoned in the forest? These are the big questions to answer - while overcoming many smaller challenges on the way.


Ben - Dina Dessner | Sophie - Dana Miller | Woby - Shawn Williams Sr. | Sarah - Madison Brunoehler | Michael - Hilary Fingerman | Sophie’s Mom - Hilary Fingerman | Ben’s Dad - Noah James | The Narrator - Jon Armond

Based on an idea by Max Graf | Written by Catharina Graf | Sound design and mixing by Daniel Gloor | Music by pocketmaster | Cover design by margokorotkova

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Spoken Movie Project

The Spoken Movie Project creates fiction podcasts for kids - and those who never grow up.

When we moved from Switzerland to Canada, we realized that kids here are not familiar with audio dramas - a format that to us had always been the regular soundtrack of childhood, accompanying us from toddler to teen.

The most successful German audio series "Die drei Fragezeichen" ("The three investigators") has been around since 1979, consists of 202 episodes so far, and has been listened to by millions of kids to date. There are many more examples of successful audio dramas; most recently, brands like Playmobil and LEGO are using it to reach a larger audience. We contacted audio producers in Germany to ask them why there are hardly any audio dramas in English. It became clear that they, too, have no real explanation as to why the audio drama aka fiction podcast never became popular; they, too, are seeing huge potential, and, as one producer put it, now is the time to do it. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and create an audio series to entertain and inspire children in the English-speaking world.

We founded the Spoken Movie Project in March 2020, just when the global lockdown started. From Covid-positive studiomates in New York to wildfire-related voice damage in California, our amazing cast overcame historical challenges to bring the characters to live. We never anticipated how much the world would unravel when we embarked on this adventure – all the more reason to keep the magic of audio stories alive.

In the car, before bedtime, during playtime: Spoken Movies are the perfect companion for your child. And in the era of podcasts and streaming technologies, spoken movies are thriving more than ever. Join the audio revolution!